Resveratrol Benefits

Resveratrol is known for its anti-aging powers, with millions of Baby Boomers interested in it for its ability to keep them looking young and feeling youthful. However, slowing down the aging process is only one of many resveratrol benefits. You will find that when you look at resveratrol more closely as a supplement to your diet, you will discover several other important resveratrol benefits.

Resveratrol Fights Cancer

While growing old is hard, discovering that you have cancer can be an even harder message to receive. Thus, you want to do everything in your power to prevent cancerous cells from growing in your body. Fortunately, one of the key resveratrol benefits is that it fights cancer growth.

This property of resveratrol was discovered by researcher Arthur Polans at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. In his studies, he discovered that one of the critical resveratrol benefits was its ability to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. When he injected resveratrol into tumor sites, he found that he could drive the cancer into remission.

Follow up studies of these resveratrol benefits included studies on mice who did not have cancer. One group was given resveratrol, while a control group received nothing. Both groups were exposed to known cancer causing agents, but the mice who had resveratrol in their systems were significantly less likely to develop cancer.

Resveratrol Fights Inflammation

Though heart disease is well-known in America as a leading cause of death, many people are unaware that inflammation is also a serious factor in premature death. Thanks to sugars, stress triggers, and environmental pollutants, inflammation runs rampant through most people's bodies. Fortunately, you can fight this inflammation as another one of resveratrol's benefits.

Again working with mice, researchers in Singapore and Scotland were able to show that resveratrol stops inflammation. The researchers found that appendicitis, systemic sepsis, and other inflammatory diseases could be halted with resveratrol treatments. This firmly adds inflammation fighting to the list of crucial resveratrol benefits.

Resveratrol Fights Type 2 Diabetes

Finally, in addition to fighting cancer and inflammation, another one of resveratrol's benefits is fighting type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a very serious disease, and it is one the rise in America at present. Millions of Americans discover late in life that they have the disease, which can seriously affect their personal well-being and life expectancy.

Robert Coppari of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center was studying brain patterns when he discovered this one of resveratrol's benefits. Since chemicals in the brain can trigger glucose and insulin level changes, being able to leverage resveratrol to control those chemicals can provide a welcome new treatment strategy for type 2 diabetes. Also, since resveratrol is a natural substance, it could potentially have fewer side effects than other medications.

Concluding Thoughts

Cancer, diabetes, and inflammation fighting power - resveratrol benefits are impressive! To read more about them, or to buy your own resveratrol supplements, check out the information and products available from Perfect ResGrape today.