Resveratrol Grape

As you look at the many different resveratrol supplements on the market, it can be hard to distinguish between them. The price points vary widely, but more expensive supplements aren't necessarily the best. How can you be sure that what you are paying for is what you want? One way to get a great supplement is to focus on products made with the whole resveratrol grape.

Resveratrol is found in many different substances, including grapes, cranberries, and Japanese knotweed. However, one of the most popular sources for resveratrol for health supplements is the grape. Of all the members of the grape family, there is one that stands above the others in terms of providing resveratrol benefits. The muscadine grape is so frequently used in supplements that it is becoming known as the resveratrol grape.

So what is it about this resveratrol grape that makes it so unique? One of the answers lies in the seeds of the muscadine grape. These seeds provide the trans resveratrol that you need to get the right kind of resveratrol for your body. The seeds also provide you with fiber and other valuable anti-oxidants in addition to resveratrol.

Of course, the seeds are the only thing that is a powerhouse of health benefits in the resveratrol grape. The flesh and skin of the grape also provide ellagic acid. Though ellagic acid may not be as well known as other anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, it provides your body with inflammation fighting powers and healing strength.

Early studies are also indicating that ellagic acid can help your body regulate the level of estrogen being produced and consumed. This can have a number of applications, especially for women in their post-menopausal stages who may be looking for ways to control their hormones. Within this single resveratrol grape could be a viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Thus, rather than simply looking for supplements that use a part of the fruit to make their filling, you want to seek out resveratrol supplements that make a point of using the whole resveratrol grape. These supplements will be able to give you more health benefits, since you will be combining the power of resveratrol with the power of the fruit that houses it.

Additionally, by focusing in on supplements that use the whole resveratrol grape in their production, you will eliminate the chances of side effects from taking resveratrol supplements. Many of the reported side effects of resveratrol can be traced back to low quality supplements that are full of artificial fillers. This is especially true of stomach issues, as they are often traced to Emodin, a common filler and laxative in low quality supplements.

Don't tolerate less than the best for your good health. Seek out supplements that use the whole resveratrol grape in their production. By insisting on getting resveratrol supplements that are 99% pure trans resveratrol and filled with muscadine grapes, you will be giving yourself additional health benefits that you will appreciate for years to come.